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PortfoliosSince Inception20202019
Alpha Dog17.881.3227.00-3.9921.7114.819.6527.1358.5523.9321.3236.99
Future 5020.3218.6715.6216.62
Strong 5022.77-2.9332.9523.4044.6933.6512.0329.9441.8723.1523.2325.47
Models Average21.057.7630.1028.4245.2224.9019.4329.8544.6721.6714.0922.95
Alpha vs Benchmark14.971.571.0039.5529.109.1625.6316.7014.016.3315.313.38
  1. The Benchmark shown is the S&P 500 Equal Weight Index.
  2. Net Returns are through 30 November 2020 – they include all trading costs and the 80 bps portfolio management fee.
  3. The performance returns from 2007 – 2010 are from back-tested model portfolios.
  4. Alpha Dog began trading 2011. Future 50 went live 2016. Results prior to that are from back-testing.
  5. BioHealth and Strong 50 went active in 2018. Results prior to that are from back-testing.
  6. All results are to GIPS standards using actual client composite net returns